How to Give Everyday Words a Positive Boost [INFOGRAPHIC]

Simple tips to transform everyday phrases from negative to positive.

Nov 18, 2015


It might seem minor, but science has found that using positive language has the power to make you feel great - physically, mentally and emotionally. And for bonus points, positive words have a flow-on effect, passing the good vibes to the people around you. So, how to go about giving your everyday language a positive boost? A good first step is to be mindful of the words that leave your mouth - and then work some magic on common phrases that don’t quite make the cut. This handy infographic is a great place to start.

Transforming Everyday Phrases: Negative to positive. 1. Why not - Sounds Good 2. No problem - definitely! 3. Can’t complain - everything’s going well, thanks! 4. I forgot - I’ll be sure to set a reminder 5. Constructive criticism - feedback 6. Don’t throw the ball inside! - please take the ball outside 7. Don’t… - I like it when… 8. I missed you so much! - It’s so great to see you!


Infographic: Yael Shinkar

As well as managing, Elana writes happy headlines with a particular focus on yoga, meditation and family matters. She has a background in online journalism and web content.