How to Have a Spiritual View About Aging

Positive aging means getting older with a healthy mindset.

A healthy lifestyle is part of aging well.

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People are living longer. In fact, the average life expectancy rose by almost ten years since 1960. In the US, the number of centenarians — people who are 100 years old or more — has nearly doubled since 2000, according to WebMD

These days, anyone could realistically live well into their 80s or 90s. So what’s the secret to a long life? Good genes and a healthy lifestyle certainly play a part. But aging well also has a lot to do with perspective. 

In a video interview with NDTV, prominent author and physician, Deepak Chopra explains, “If you think that aging is an opportunity to express your wisdom, to express your experience, to be useful to society, then your biological markers will reflect that.” In other words, you can live longer by having a positive outlook.

A study published in BMJ Open supports Dr. Chopra, demonstrating how psychological shifts can reverse the so-called irreversible signs of aging, like deterioration in hearing, vision, muscle strength, and memory. While fear of aging is certainly natural, you can remedy that anxiety through spiritual practices. With the right mindset, you can embrace aging—celebrate it even!

Spirituality can help develop the right mindset for positive aging. Research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that religious service attendance increases lifespan by as much as four years. Spiritual devotees, like the great yogis of India, are famous for their longevity (The hindi mystic Trailanga Swami is said to have lived to 280).

While aging is an inevitable part of life. you have a choice: You can choose how to define, view, and accept aging. Instead of looking at old age like winter, think of it as the harvest season—a time to enjoy the love and wisdom earned over a lifetime.

Take it from Indian yogi, Sadhguru. On Isha, he shared, “When you come to old age, all the longings are over, a whole experience of life is behind you, and you are once again childlike, but you have the wisdom of experience of life. It can be a very fruitful and wonderful part of your life.” 

The challenge arrives in seeing aging as it really is. As you get older, your physical appearance will change, a wrinkle here, a pain there. That much is inevitable. Aging is what you make of it. Learn to love your body, rather than judging. In a culture that tends to worship youth, positive aging embraces the golden years! 

Treat old age as a blessing. Not everyone enjoys the gift of a long life. Celebrate getting older by feeling grateful for what you have. Find joy in the small things. Your ability to walk, to see, to breathe, not everyone gets to enjoy these seemingly simple gifts. See life as your great adventure, to explore, learn, grow, and expand. 

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