How to Hold Space for Your Spiritual Awakening

Whether you’re embracing positive self-talk or embarking on a self-improvement journey, here’s how to lean into your spiritual awakening.


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Although the term “spiritual awakening” may sound mystical and esoteric, examples of the phenomenon can be found in everyday life. Whether it’s realizing that you’re growing out of a friendship, taking a new look at a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior, or deciding to revamp the tone of your self-talk, a spiritual awakening is a time of transition in which you can decide to let go of old perspectives in favor of new understandings.

Read on to learn about best practices for holding space for yourself during this time, leaning into the change, and making the most out of your newfound enlightenment.

Self-awareness is key
Spiritual guru and author Deepak Chopra says that self-awareness is the root from which all growth comes. “Whether it's awareness of the body, awareness of the mind, awareness of your emotions, awareness of your relationships, or awareness of your environment,” he says “I think the key to transforming your life is to be aware of who you are.”

Achieving self-awareness requires putting your ego to the side and performing a neutral reevaluation of your life. While there’s familiarity in comfort and you may be tempted to dig in your heels and continue doing things the way you have done for years, taking an objective look at your day-to-day behavior is a critical first step towards evolving and improving yourself.

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By recognizing and owning your deeply-rooted patterns, you can further develop the behaviors that are positively serving you, while releasing the tendencies which may be holding you back. Understanding who you are, along with your strengths and weaknesses, provides the roadmap for setting off on the path to enlightenment.

Embrace the change
Many people are naturally change-averse; a fear of the unknown is a fundamental part of human nature. Change, especially when it’s unexpected, can sometimes come along with anxiety. But in order to reach our fullest potential, we can’t remain static - rather, we must grow and evolve, even if it means jumping into uncertainty.

“We are like eggs at present,” said British novelist and scholar C.S. Lewis. “You cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”

Instead of clinging to the past, you should try reframing the situation and changing your perspective. Try leaning into the change, instead of resisting it. You might try to see the positive side of change, and develop your appreciation for the dynamic twists and turns that make up the great adventure of life.

Practices like meditation, gratitude and mindfulness are spiritually-focused rituals that can help you make space in your life for your inner evolution. Try listening to this meditation music. It uses the healing 741 hz Solfeggio frequency to help remove toxins and negativity, cleanse your aura and increase closeness to the spiritual world.

Be present
Being present in the current moment, also referred to as living mindfully, is an important part of your spiritual awakening.

Cellphones are a major source of distraction which can put a damper on your natural awareness of your surroundings. Meredith Strauss, a licensed clinical social worker, suggests that people break the habit of starting off their day by staring at a screen.

“After getting out of bed, leave your phone alone,” she told wellness blog HeadSpace. “Enjoy a moment of peace and have a cup of tea/coffee. [Or] have some quality time with your family in the morning before the outside world rings your phone and computer.”

By focusing on what’s happening in the present rather than half-heartedly scrolling, you’ll naturally connect more to the world around you - and yourself. Without a screen claiming your attention, your mind is free to explore and understand the physical and emotional reactions you experience as you move through the world. 

A spiritual awakening may sound like an overwhelming process to some, but it’s very much achievable for each and every person. It could start with questioning whether your self-talk is helping or hurting you, or taking a step back to understand the root of your reaction to a situation that’s challenging you. By increasing your self-awareness, leaning into change, and committing to a mindfulness practice, you can hold the space for a spiritual awakening that could last a lifetime.

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