How to Keep a Manifesting Journal

Write your way to the life you envision.

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Imagine a life where you can become your greatest self, where all your dreams and aspirations become reality. For many, living their best life begins the moment they make the decision to call that life into being. This process is known as manifestation, and one of the most effective tools to help make it happen is keeping a daily manifesting journal where your words spell out the way your life would look if all your dreams came true.

What is a manifesting journal?
Minbodygreen reports that a manifestation journal uses the law of attraction to harness positive energy and thoughts to bring good things into your life. A manifestation journal is similar to a vision board that visually depicts dreams and goals, but instead it uses the written word to create the blueprint of the life you seek.

According to Betterup, writing in a journal to help manifest uses a technique called “future scripting” where you write about the future in the present tense as if it has already happened. This helps condition your brain to subconsciously begin to visualize your future.

By keeping the focus on actually achieving your life goals, you are paving the way to transform those goals into your new reality. Writing in a journal every day can help people to distinguish between a scarcity and abundance mindset, and will help them to realize that in order to move forward they need to embrace thought patterns where they can envision themselves succeeding beyond their wildest expectations. 

"For starters it can be extremely therapeutic for releasing our emotions and giving us a safe space to express everything that tells us that we can't have what we truly desire." Jocelyn Kelly Reid, a manifesting expert and abundance coach, told MindbodyGreen, adding that journaling allows the ‘thinking brain’ to rest and enter a flow state, where you can tune into "what our heart and soul have to say about what we truly desire… and which brings more potency to the manifestation process." 

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Journaling with affirmations
Newsbreak reports that the 369 method is a great manifestation tool for anyone who wants to try their hand at manifesting, but is not quite sure how to get started. This method is based on deciding on a daily affirmation and writing it down in your journal three times first thing in the morning, six times during the course of the day, and nine times before sleep. 

It is very powerful to see these manifestations in writing as manifestations help people to become more mindful of their thoughts and feelings and help them work toward achieving their goals with less stress. Affirmations reinforce positive thoughts using clear and focused phrasing that increase confidence and diminish self-doubt. 

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Start out with feasible goals
According to MindbodyGreen it is a good idea to start out writing about feasible and achievable goals, since even small successes at manifestation reinforce the ability to embrace positivity and change. Reid suggests using your journal to describe in detail the person you would like to be in the future. "This creates energetic alignment with my manifestation, which quickens the manifestation process and allows me to become the person who already has what I desire," she explained.

Journaling is a great practice to boost the manifestation of the wonderful things that you seek to incorporate into your life. Writing about your dreams and goals on a daily basis can help you get more specific and learn what you are working towards and what might need to be adjusted so that you can attract what you truly desire. 

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