How to Say Thank You All Over the World

A handy tool for expressing gratitude in the most visited countries around the globe.


Thank You Guide tinyprints

The 'Thank You Guide,' by tinyprints

Saying “thank you” has many benefits - from boosting health and wellbeing to making coworkers feel confident and happy. But what if you’re out in the world and don’t speak the language, or want to express gratitude to a friend abroad?

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This cute tool from the creative crew at tinyprints can teach you how to say “thank you” in 50 countries, complete with audio so you can get perfect the pronunciation. The guide also includes culture and etiquette notes - for example, did you know that Aussies and Brits say “cheers” as well as “thanks”? Or that the correct hand gesture can express gratitude in Jordan?
Merci, Grazi, Danke!