How to Study Endangered Species in the Most Beautiful Way

A technological masterpiece, Species in Pieces raises awareness about animals in danger.


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Educate, inspire and provoke thought – these are the three goals Species in Pieces hopes to accomplish with its interactive online exhibition. Created by designer Bryan James, Species in Pieces is an educational resource for understanding more about endangered species – and it’s a resource like no other.

The project can best be described as a personal museum exhibit right on your computer screen. As you click through the 30 different species selected for their genic diversity and uniqueness, 30 triangles of varying shapes come together to form species whose obscurity only serves to amplify James’ mission. The Golden Lion Tamarin morphs into the Scimitar Oryx, which blends into the Forest Owlet and so on. Each species’ profile also includes information about population numbers over the years, ongoing conservation efforts, and the struggles they face to survive.

Species in Pieces is as provocative as it is symbolic. The species chosen by James are those whose survival is “laying literally, in pieces” – some even requiring “a small miracle to survive.” Though James doesn’t mince his words when it comes to describing the reality of what is undoubtedly a grim situation, Species in Pieces is also about hope. By raising awareness about endangered species, the threats they face, and the organizations trying to save them, this exhibition has an important message - it’s never too late to help.

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