How to Teach Children a Love for Reading in a Digital Age

Get off the TV and into a good book

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In our modern, tech-centered times, getting our kids to do anything without a screen being involved has become a hard-earned lesson in patience, creativity and, sometimes, begging and pleading.

An organization in India called Stories & Beyond seeks to change all that by trading out TV watching for good old wholesome reading. How are they actually getting kids on board, you ask? It's simple: they've created interactive, playful, and engaging after-school storytelling lessons that make reading a fun experience for ages three to fourteen.

Every child needs that one gateway book to be an eye-opening moment to propel their imagination forward into the beloved world of literature and stories. And what is more compelling than having the classics or even folktales read out loud - each one animated and vibrant, funny or dramatic in their own way? Afterall, that wis hat draws children to theater, movies and also TV in the first place.

Stories & Beyond is taking this very premise, of engaging viewers with a platform they are already drawn to, and playing the same card with a clever twist. So clever, the kids don't even associate the classes with reading or learning but instead, the kids just consider them all part of the fun and games.

Like hiding spirulina in the kiddies' smoothies, new vocabulary words, phonetics, and heightened reading skills are all peppered into the storytelling sessions without even a blink. The overall outcome? A serious win-win and a new generation of little book lovers in the making.

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