How to Turn Your Inbox into a Mini University

Highbrow email courses want to expand your mind - in just five minutes per day.

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If your New Year's resolution this year has something to do with learning - and basically everything does - a new email service called Highbrow offers the perfect tool to help you realize your goals. With the lofty goal of expanding minds, the online school delivers bite-size courses to your inbox - a classroom you’re definitely going to turn up to, every day.
With a range of courses covering art, health, history, nature, philosophy, psychology and science, the site joins a host of online initiatives opening up learning to the masses. If your aim is to get healthy this year, for example, you could kick start January 2015 with the Tips to Eat Healthy class - with course “requirements” of just five minutes per day, for nine days. And if giving your grey matter a workout is more your style, sign up for the course on Philosophical Ideas that Everyone Should Know. Each Highbrow “class” consists of an easy-to-digest email - a perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee (or herbal tea!), with links to further reading if your interest has been piqued.
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