How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

Through visualization and other manifestation techniques, we define our goals clearly, leading to a better chance of success.


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Spiritual or not, visualization serves as a powerful tool for creating the life we desire. Successful business moguls, famous athletes, and spiritual leaders alike attest to the power of visualization in achieving the life we desire.

Success begins with knowing exactly what we want to achieve. Creating a clear idea of our dreams sets ourselves in motion to work toward those goals. Through visualization and other manifestation techniques, we define our goals clearly, leading to a better chance of success.

Aristotle once explained the process by saying, “First, have a definite, clear, practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends: wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.”

How Does It Work?

Visualization simply means envisioning a mental picture of a future event. As the old saying goes, we need to see it in order to achieve it. It is a proven method toward achieving our goals.

Visualization stimulates the creative subconscious which helps to generate new ideas to better achieve ambitions. It activates the law of attraction drawing in the right people, resources, and conditions needed to succeed.  In addition, visualization encourages internal motivation, pushing us to take the necessary steps toward achieving goals.

In fact, studies conducted in Russia have shown that visualization is more than a myth and has proven benefits in helping Olympic athletes to win. The study looked at four different groups of Olympians which each devoted a certain portion of time to mental and physical training.

• Group one: 100% physical training

• Group two: 75% physical training, 25% mental training

• Group three: 50% physical training, 50% mental training

• Group four: 25% physical training, 75% mental training

Surprisingly enough, scientists found that the fourth group performed the best during the Olympic Games. They found that through visualization, the athletes stimulated the same parts of the brain activated when actually doing the physical action. This simple, yet powerful technique helps the brain know how to work better toward achieving goals.


Simply put, visualization starts with establishing a goal, then imagining accomplishing that goal in detail, focusing on it over the long term. Many visualization techniques exist, and anyone can practice one or many of them to help achieve their goals.

A basic technique involves sitting with eyes closed while imagining yourself achieving a specific dream in as much detail as possible. While doing so, envision the goal as though you have already achieved it. You can set aside a little time each day or several days a week to integrate this practice into your routine.


Many also swear by this visualization technique in which a person cuts out pictures from magazines and newspapers representing their goals before creating a collage of pictures showcasing what they would like to achieve.


Daily affirmations help build confidence and lay out goals clearly. Choose positive affirmations that lift you up and break barriers obstructing you from the life you want to lead. For example, someone who feels unworthy of love can repeat to themselves each morning, “I love myself. My family and friends love me. I deserve love.”


Writing down our goals helps us focus on exactly what we want and work toward those goal in a purposeful direction. You can focus on a few important goals or write down a long list of at least 25 desires on weekly or monthly basis.

Why limit the possibilities in your life?  No matter how seemingly impossible it may seem, envision a life without limitations and go beyond your wildest dreams.