How You Can Help Make 2015 the Year of Kindness

Take the Kindness Challenge - a printable to-do list for good doers.

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A woman helps a man cross the street

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It’s official - being kind is contagious. It even has a scientific name, “upstream reciprocity.” Or in simple terms, if you carry out a kind act, the recipient will likely be inspired to do something generous for someone else, and so on. The happy reality of this feel-good ripple effect is that by performing small acts of kindness, you can really help to make the world a better place.
To get the kindness ball rolling this year, the savvy crew over at Cleverpedia have come up with something of a to-do list for good doers - the 2015 Kindness Challenge. Packed with amiable ideas such as complimenting a stranger, getting to know your neighbors and sharing an umbrella, the challenge is a checklist for making the world a more positive place - one good deed at a time.
Up for the challenge? Print out the list and hang it somewhere you pass every day, like the fridge or your desk, or just keep the link bookmarked to save paper. See how many acts of kindness you can perform in day, week or month!

2015 Kindness Challenge

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