How Your Restaurant Leftovers Can Feed Someone in Need [VIDEO]

All You Can’t Eat: a campaign to reduce wasted food at restaurants and feed the hungry

May 29, 2014

With restaurants offering all you can eat options, or portion sizes bigger than your head, oftentimes the food on your plate is left unfinished and ultimately thrown away. Dusseldor Tafel, a food bank, together with the ad company Ogilvy & Mather came up with a creative plan to make sure that food does not go to waste.
All You Can’t Eat is a genius idea: with the cooperation of local Dusseldorf restaurants, stickers are placed next to dishes that are generally large, offering people the option to order a smaller portion for the same price. The money that the restaurants saves is then donated to the food bank. Everyone comes out a winner as restaurants reduce wasted food, diners get to make a difference and much needed donations ensure the nourishment of others.

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