Jaguar Commits to Electric Cars Only by 2025!

Surprising EV pledges from more auto brands signal a better road ahead.

Mar 2, 2021


Jaguar Commits to Electric Cars Only by 2025! | Surprising EV pledges from more auto brands signal a better road ahead.

We’re not even three months into a new year, and 2021 already promises to be a dream year for greener driving news. Five established automobile brands have recently announced transitions to electric-only vehicles in the coming years. And the good news is that they’re committing themselves to actual deadlines.

On 15 February 2021, Jaguar Land Rover announced that all cars made under the Jaguar brand will be fully electric by 2025, with Land Rover following in its footsteps a few years later.

Ford has committed to 2030 for vehicles made in Europe, the same year that Bentley has decided all its vehicles will be electric ones. Meanwhile, largest US automaker, General Motors, promises an all-electric lineup by 2035.

But for many drivers and car aficionados, the news that iconic luxury brand, Jaguar, which has made fuel-guzzling vehicles for generations but is now set to lead with a complete zero-emission range the soonest, is remarkable.

With only one EV in production today, this shows that even a Jaguar can change its spots and respond to consumer demand for environmentally-friendly cars. This “future-proofing” strategy is one the company feels will show that their vision for “responsible modern luxury” has sustainability at its core:

“Environmental innovation is at the heart of our vision as we continue to develop a range of solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and impact. We have demonstrated this commitment with new electric models from Jaguar’s past, present and future.”

As Jaguar’s website also explains, the company will be reinventing itself as an EV luxury brand in the next five years, reimagining the future of modern luxury.

Jaguar's new CEO, Thierry Bolloré, took the automobile industry by surprise in February when he presented the brand’s EV strategy, charting the course that Jaguar and its sister company Land Rover, will take in the next ten years as they make the transition to zero-emissions vehicles. More car brands are expected to follow their lead.

This industry-wide acceleration towards emission-free vehicles is significant. While electric vehicles are the fastest growing segment in the car industry, they still make up just three percent of the total of new car sales according to the International Energy Agency.

But these ambitious goals from luxury brands as well as producers of more affordable cars indicate that the auto industry is headed for a positive sea change very soon!

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