If YouTube and Kickstarter Had a Baby

Moolta: videotaped dares for charity


Don't try this stunt at home.

(Travel Faery / Shutterstock.com)

Would you go to class dressed as 90s rap star MC Hammer? How about giving hugs to strangers in the street? What if it was for charity?
That is the premise behind Moolta, a newly-launched web platform on which people raise money for causes by performing hilarious challenges on camera.
After signing up via Facebook, prospective risk-takers decide on a crazy challenge, select a nonprofit they want to support and set an amount of money they’d like to raise. It’s up to the Moolta daredevils to spread the word to their friends, and then successfully complete their challenge with an uploaded video as proof. Wonderful organizations such as the Red Cross, UNICEF and First Book are benefiting from the quirky website, which describes itself as the awesome lovechild of YouTube and Kickstarter. Sounds right to us!

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