Immortalize Your Favorite Memories With This Talking Tattoo

Let your skin speak up

Jun 19, 2017


Immortalize Your Favorite Memories With This Talking Tattoo | Let your skin speak up

People get tattoos for a multitude of reasons - from making a simple fashion statement to commemorating loved ones and cementing great memories. They, after all, are supposed to last a lifetime.

To add even more power to your ink a company called Skin Motion has now developed Soundwave Tattoos, which immortalize the sound of a loved one's voice in conjunction with your tattoo. Co-founder Nate Siggard put the idea to action when he decided he needed a "talking tattoo" of his own - as a keepsake of he and his wife saying 'I love you" to their 4 month-old baby at the time.

The augmented reality tattoos (patent-pending) are used much like how one scans a bar code at the supermarket: the app, set to launch this summer, links tattoo designs and up to one minute of audio, that can be played back whenever the feeling arises using a mobile device.

Whoever thought that one day we would be able to actually listen to our tatoos?

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