Improve Your Carbon Footprint in 5 Minutes

A handy eco-calculator to help save the planet

Oct 10, 2013

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We all contribute inadvertently to greenhouse gas emissions – just by going about our daily lives. Whether it's flights, lights or bites that most impact the environment in your household, this handy calculator from The Nature Conservancy will help you take that all important first step – identifying the problem.
By going through the choices you make at home, when you travel, eat, buy and get rid of waste, the online tool can help you mold the choices you make, many of which influence your carbon footprint.
Then what? On top of the option of donating to offset your carbon footprint, the calculator gives you a detailed breakdown of how your behavior compares to the US average, along with climate saving tips and actions. Take a few minutes and bring out the Captain Planet in you.

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