The Indestructible Soccer Ball That Has the Power to Heal

One World Futbol is giving hope to kids in need with their built to last soccer ball

Aug 24, 2014

Children playing with a One World Futbol. Photo by: Keri Oberly, Semester at Sea

Tim Jahnigen was watching the news one day when he saw a report of a group of refugee children in Darfur playing soccer with a makeshift ball made of trash. He was moved by the fact that, through the hardships these kids experienced, at the end of the day they just wanted to play. This sparked an idea in Jahnigen to create a soccer ball that is built to last, not requiring a pump or repairs, and with that the One World Futbol was born. Set out with a vision in mind, Jahnigen mentioned the idea to his friend, world-renowned singer Sting, who was enamored by the concept and generously provided seed money and funding to develop and produce the One World Futbol. In 2010 the soccer ball that even a lion can’t destroy has reached over 170 countries and is being played with by millions of children in refugee camps, war zones, disaster areas and inner cities. The ultra-durable ball serves as an agent of change that has the power to heal, teach people how to coexist and bring smiles and hope to young people in destitute situations.
Car company Chevrolet is one of the founding sponsors and has pledged to support the donation and distribution 1.5 million balls over a three year period to areas that are most in need. Along with that, One World Futbol has a business model of buy one give one and also invites anyone to donate a soccer ball at anytime.
The importance of play is the motivating factor behind One World Futbol Project, and the sustainable product allows children and adults to play and heal for generations to come.
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