An Inside Look at a Heartwarming Reality Show

All about a trending show that embraces unique connections.


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An Inside Look at a Heartwarming Reality Show | All about a trending show that embraces unique connections.

If you enjoy watching Netflix, especially reality TV shows, chances are you know about the hit show Love on the Spectrum. This unique television show is all about the struggles and triumphs of dating for people on the autism spectrum. Whether or not you have already watched it, here are some must-know facts about the show that is capturing hearts worldwide.

A unique show for unique individuals
Dating can be difficult for anyone, even more so for people with autism, explains Screenrant, a platform for news on entertainment and media. As dating expects people to be in all sorts of social situations, it can be extra challenging for those on the autism spectrum. The new hit show, Love on the Spectrum, follows couples and their dating lives. Cian O’Clery, the show’s creator, learned through his work on the show Employable Me how much single individuals with autism wanted to find love.

According to Fast Company, the show is completely unscripted and follows the young adults, some of them on their very first date ever, documenting their experiences and providing them support along the way. 

CNN explains that the participants get the input and support from both their family members as well as the crew, as they try to find someone who will accept, appreciate and love them for who they are. And isn’t that what every single person, with autism or not, ultimately wants?

Creating representation and touching hearts
Although Love on the Spectrum is not the first time people with autism are shown on the media, it might be one of the shows with the most accurate representation, according to The American Journal of Psychiatry. ASD is nuanced, and this reality show has got it right. Every person with autism is different, so the variety of people shown and not just the classic stereotypical things, people with different likes, dislikes, traits and challenges was great to include, reports CNN

O’Cleary mentioned the same idea to Fast Company, saying that there is a vast diversity inside the spectrum, and how every single individual is completely unique. His goal to bring awareness about neurodivergence definitely seems to be hitting its mark, and viewers are apparently eager to continue following the stories of the couples on the show.

One participant, Abbey, has stayed in the spotlight, having found continued fame on TikTok, according to In Touch. She was on the first season of Love on the Spectrum and fell in love, on camera, with David. The couple is still going strong as is her social media presence, and her followers couldn't be more happy for her. Abbey’s days on Love on the Spectrum are over, and hopefully many other beautiful, unique and amazing young adults with autism, will also get their very own happily ever after. 

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