An International Message Board for all the World’s Major Cities

Dear City is the platform to vent, praise and enact change

Image by Flickr user Christopher.F Photography

People are flocking to the world’s metropolises at a rapid rate, and by 2050, it is projected that there will be 6.4 billion people residing in cities. With urban centers in the limelight, Dear City, a new web platform, could not have come at a better time.
The sleek website is an international message board that lets people share their thoughts and opinions - in 500 words or less- about the cities they live in. Anyone can rate and remark about each comment anonymously, providing an open forum of free speech, debate and camaraderie. Modeled after post-it-notes, the comments are divided into several categories, each correlated with a different color, with categories ranging from transportation and housing to health and education. Originally launched in Copenhagen by founders Mikael Staer and Philip Battin, Dear City aims to be a voice for the everyday city dweller to vent, praise and enact change across the world’s major cities.

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