Introducing 5 Benefits of Agarikon Mushrooms

This little-known mushroom has a lot to offer!

Agarikon mushrooms growing on a tree trunk.

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Have you heard of the up and coming mushroom, the agarikon? While many mushrooms are well known for their tasty flavors and healthy benefits, only recently has the agarikon stepped back on the scene. 

The agarikon mushroom is also referred to as the laricifomes officinalis or quinine conk, according to The Mushroom Blog at Cornell University. Newly popular, the agarikon has ancient origins going back centuries. And today, we are rediscovering its great deal of benefits to improve physical and spiritual well being. The slow-growing, bulbous mushroom comes from North America and Europe. It looks a bit like a bee hive to the untrained eye!

With a bitter taste and texture, it isn’t particularly tasty. But, you can still enjoy it as an herbal supplement to support overall health. Learn more about the medicinal benefits of agarikon mushrooms for a healthy life!

Supports overall wellbeing
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and you could say the same about agarikon! According to research published in Planta Medicine, the agarikon could be considered the most versatile and commonly used medicinal fungus of the past. 

In fact, The Huffington Post points out that the Ancient Greek physician Dioscorides called it elixirium ad longam vitam, meaning the “elixir of long life". It’s one of the earliest known medicines recorded in history, often used as a natural aid for common symptoms like coughs, night sweats, and an upset tummy. 

Helps regulate blood sugar levels
Insulin helps regulate the blood sugar levels in your body. With the progression of science, the agarikon mushroom has been found as a possible way to support healthy insulin levels, due to its elevated PTP1B expression — a signaling pathway  — that helps regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, according to the research  that was published in Planta Medicine.

Could support lung health
Take a deep breath! The ancients used agarikon as a possible way to soothe ailments like tuberculosis and asthma, along with many other lung conditions, according to Way of Leaf. Science seems to back up traditional uses of the ‘shroom. A study published in Mycology: An International Journal on Fungal Biology also suggested that the agarikon supports healthy lungs. 

May boost immunity
This fungus seems to provide great immune support, thanks to its many active compounds. These compounds include agaric acid, carotenoids, fatty acids, and vitamins, meaning it is certainly a versatile mushroom that could help the body fight off germs. In Iran, it is used as a medicine to boost a healthy immune response, as it contains complex carbohydrates, according to Way of Leaf.

Spiritual Healing 
Some of the health benefits of agarikon have ancient origins of a spiritual nature. The Native Americans believed in its ability to treat negative energy caused by supernatural forces, according to Fungi Magazine. Native American tribes believed  this mushroom has spiritual and ceremonial significance. To gain its benefits, they developed traditions such as carving the mushrooms into spiritual figures as a form of protection. 

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