Introducing Airbag Jeans for Motorcyclists

These innovative pants inflate to protect the rider.

Mar 11, 2023
Introducing Airbag Jeans for Motorcyclists | These innovative pants inflate to protect the rider.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of riding your bike on the open highway with the wind on your back. With soaring gas prices, motorcycles are economical and a much greener way to travel, according to a blog on Orange County Choppers Official.

Along with the benefits, comes the risk of personal injury if an accident occurs. After all, you’re not protected by steel like you are while driving your car. But besides wearing a helmet, the latest safety innovations are personal airbags that you can wear.

New airbag jeans
Airbags have been protecting people in car accidents for decades. Now, a Swedish company, Mo’cycle, has made inflatable jeans for motorcycle riders. The jeans are designed to offer protection for the rider’s lower body in case of an accident, according to Design Boom.

The air bag jeans look like conventional pants and are reusable even after deployment. The airbag component is removable and the jeans can be washed, dried, and worn again. Hust insert a new Co2 cartridge.

The jeans are made of a material called Armalith which is stronger and weighs less than steel. Armalith helps to handle abrasions from roadways after a fall. The airbags help cushion the rider if he or she falls off the bike.

How it works
Mo’cycle teamed up with airbag technology company Helite (the company previously manufactured upper body protection for motorcycle riders) to design and manufacture the airbags, according to a company press release. The airbags are actually inserted into the fabric and are triggered iin a miaseconds if the rider is separated from the vehicle. That’s because the trigger mechanism is actually a tether that connects the jeans to the motorcycle.

This innovative technology is designed to safeguard motorcycle riders tenfold by  protecting the lower body areas that have not been previously covered with padding, like the riders thighs, the rear, and especially the tailbone!

According to the company, “It is revolutionary to use airbag technology to protect the first bone of the spinal column, because spinal column injuries are what paralyze motorcycle riders.”

Mo’cycle’s airbag jeans are available on the company’s crowdfunding campaign along with an airbag vest and a complete protection package. Making the roads safer for motorcyclists is certainly a worthy endeavor. So the next time you have an urge to ride, make sure you put on protective gear before you  hit the open road.

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