Introducing the Do Good Closet

This closet has everything a student needs to succeed.

Introducing the Do Good Closet | This closet has everything a student needs to succeed.

In order to succeed in school, a child’s basic needs must be met. According to the Empowered Parents blog, food, clothing and shelter top that list, along with other vital elements such as safety and affection. When a student lacks any of those, it is very difficult for them to succeed in school, in their studies, and in the world. This is why rapper Trae Tha Truth embarked on a mission. He created the Truth Do Good Closet to help provide for homeless students. 

The closet that does good
The closet, which used to be a classroom,  is filled with all kinds of supplies and items a child might need. From pantry items to clothes, to shoes and school supplies and hygiene items and toys, this closet has it all, reports Houston Public Media. Students who are classified as homeless are invited to come into the closet and stock up on what they want and need. 

A student who doesn't have access to these items will have an incredibly difficult time in school. In fact, the number one barrier to learning, according to First Book, is a lack of basic need fulfillment. This is why the work that Trae Tha Truth, together with his generous partners, are doing is not only noble and praiseworthy but also life changing for these students and the community as whole.

Trae Tha Truth partnered with Houton’s Independent School District (HISD), to create this shopping-like experience for their needy students. The first closet opened in September 2022 at the Ethel M. Young Elementary School, says Houston ISD, and 12 more Do Good Closets are slated to open throughout the district.

Providing extra support
Shanica Mitchell, the principal of the elementary school says this closet also provides a much  needed boost to children who are already excelling but are in need of extra support. So not only is this venture helpful to struggling students but also to successful ones. The only criteria for gaining access to the closet is being a homeless student. Anyone who finds themselves in this predicament is welcome there.

The closet is up and running, providing a safe and supportive environment for Houston students who are coping with a challenging day-to-day reality. The Do Good Closet is a wonderful initiative created to help give students the resources they need to reach their full potential.

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