Introducing the New Smart Wheelchair

This stair climbing wheelchair allows people to be more independent.

Sep 7, 2021
Introducing the New Smart Wheelchair | This stair climbing wheelchair allows people to be more independent.

New smart wheelchairs are designed to allow users more freedom of movement. Some even allow people to raise or lower the seats or to go up and down stairs. Now, Scewo, a Swiss company has designed their Scewo Bro futuristic motorized wheelchair that is a complete solution with multitasking innovation.

This smart wheelchair is so advanced and versatile that it won designboom’s Design Prize in 2018 and has been recognized as a pioneer in the medical technology industry according to designboom. The company was founded by four university students from ETH Zurich and HDK, the Zurich University of the Arts. Since that time, Scewo has received many additional awards.

The original design was just refigured and redesigned into the Bro. “I get to give my signature to a product that changes people’s everyday lives for the better, Simon Fanger,  head of design at Scewo told Design Boom.

“That means more to me than just doing a job. With clearly defined lines and a reduction to the essentials, the design team developed a clear design language. That way, Scewo BRO is seen as a new generation of wheelchairs at first glance.” 

Scewo Bro users can control the wheelchair either by an integrated touch interface or a smartphone according to Start Up Selfie.  People can switch from one or the other and can also choose from three different modes: park mode, drive mode, and track mode. This allows for any terrain and for people with mobility disabilities to be independent.

Going up and down stairs is also easy. Users just have to put the chair in track mode to raise it  and then use the controls to go up or down. Scewo Bro can be raised by close to a meter so that people can be at eye level to others while seated or standing as well as to reach higher shelves at home or out and about.

Built with safety in mind,  the seat always balances itself so the user stays in a sitting position according to the company. This feature allows people to navigate different terrains without the risk of tipping over. The foot rests, seat, and arm rests are designed to be comfortable  and adjustable.

The smart wheelchair can go up to 35 Kilometers on one charge and can go 10 kilometer per hour. If a break is needed, just put the chair into the relaxation position. The smart wheelchair comes with two secure storage areas for people on the go to store valuables. It can fit in the trunk of a car and can be charged in just five hours according to Start Up Selfie.

The Scewo Bro is available in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. While the first batch has sold out, people can pre-order for delivery in the latter part of 2021. This futuristic wheelchair will allow for increased movement and a better quality of life for people with mobility issues.

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