Introducing Spiritual Healing Sounds

Feel balanced with these traditional healing sounds.

Chinese Daoist statue.

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Daoist traditional Chinese medicine uses sound as a powerful healing tool. There are six traditional healing sounds that, when recited, bring specific types of healing, from reducing anger to boosting joy. Anyone can harness the healing energy of sound to remove energetic blockages and restore balance. 

What Is Sound Healing? 
It might sound strange at first to think that sound alone could heal the body and emotions. But just think about any time you’ve put on a soothing soundtrack or your favorite song to lift your spirits. When you really think about it, sound is energy transmitted as vibrations. Those waves produce a sensation in the body when picked up in the ears. 

The ancient Daoist teachers also noticed the powerful healing energy of sound. In this interview in Health & Wellbeing Magazine, David James Lees explains that, “Daoists use the Six Healing Sounds to help move internal Qi (chi) energy ‘blockages’ and rebalance wellbeing”. 

Daoists apply sound healing to their principles of qi (pronounced chee). Each person has qi energy in the body. Imbalances create blockages in the body that could result in disease or emotional distress. You can help balance qi by stimulating the energy flow in different organs in the body with sound healing. Changing the sound creates a unique sensation, like helping to relieve stress, uplifting your mood, or releasing anger.

The Six Healing Sounds
You can practice each of the six Daoist healing sounds when you want to balance energy in the body. According to Baharna, to practice the healing sounds, start by breathing in deeply through the nose. After drawing in breath, you can use one of the healing sounds to release anger, to soothe sadness, to ease heartbreak, to let go of fear, or for overall well being.

Incorporating the healing sounds provides instant stimulation through vibrational sound healing. It is also a type of meditative practice that helps with concentration. You can chant the same syllable over and over, like you would chant a prayer as a go-to healing method, for every day or whenever you need a mood booster.

To Release Anger
When you feel full of anger, recite the word “Xu” (pronounced shoo) on your exhale. This sound healing stimulates the liver and gallbladder and releases excess anger.

To Feel Joyful
Need a mood boost? Recite the sound “Hu” (pronounced like the hoo in hook). This sound will stimulate the energy of the heart and small intestine, to bring joy while releasing excess excitement.

To Soothe Sadness
Brooding happens when you feel stuck in a rut, in a cycle of sad thoughts. Relieve this brooding energy by reciting “Fu” (pronounced foo). This sound stimulates the spleen and stomach, to soothe sadness and brooding. 

To Ease Sorrow
Recite “Xi” (pronounced see) to release grief and heartbreak. This sound healing stimulates the lungs and large intestines and helps ease sorrow.

To Let Go of Fear
The sound “Chu” (pronounced chew) stimulates the kidneys and bladder. When fear takes over, use this simple sound healing to let go of fear and anxiety. 

For Overall Healing
For general wellbeing, recite the sound “Hey”. This sound syllable stimulates all of the major organs to balance the qi energy throughout the body.

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