Introducing a Video Game With Benefits!

This looks set to be a fun and remedial game for kids.

Mar 25, 2022
Introducing a Video Game With Benefits! | This looks set to be a fun and remedial game for kids.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) numbers are on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2016, 2.6 million children were diagnosed with ADHD in the USA. Most of these children, the CDC says, receive treatment. The condition affects behavior, and people with it can appear restless, act on impulse, and  have trouble concentrating yet it is also referred to as a superpower. It has a variety of treatment options, including different types of therapies and medications. And now there’s a “doctor-prescribed” video game that helps treat kids with ADHD successfully as well!

EndeavorRx is a “game-changing ADHD treatment,” as its appealing website states. It is a video game created for kids with ADHD, with the goal of decreasing their difficulties with paying attention. And it is now approved by the FDA!

How the EndeavorRx video game works
Much like a classic video game, in this one, the player’s avatar must collect items, avoid obstacles and level up through levels of increasing difficulty. And because this video game was made for ADHD kids, the tasks teach the player to concentrate effectively and switch between tasks, which is typically challenging for people with ADHD. It also challenges the player with auditory and visual  stimuli, requiring them to focus. And it boosts  their problem-solving skills, all while they are having fun playing the game!

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This treatment option is available with a prescription, and works well combined with other therapies the child might be receiving. Physicians might recommend and prescribe EndeavorRx as part of a treatment program—parents can even track their child’s progress via a companion app available with the game! 

A parent’s involvement and support in their ADHD child’s treatments and in general, explains ADDitude Mag, an enriching online resource for families with people with ADHD, is highly encouraged and can be extremely beneficial to their child. Understanding what the child is going through and providing enjoyable treatment options like this video game can do wonders for kids.

The science behind EndeavorRx
So, the concept sounds great: a video game that helps kids with ADHD. But what does science say? The game is actually backed by years of research and clinical studies that show a significant improvement when kids played the EndeavorRx video game!

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EndeavorRx has studied over 600 children with ADHD across five clinical studies. The results from the studies are public and available online. A recent study in 2021 looked at the effectiveness of the video game for children aged 8 to 14. Motherly, an online platform for mothers, writes about the positive results that parents reported after being part of the study and using the video game to treat their child's ADHD. 

Keeping the ADHD brain in mind
ADHD-ers typically have trouble transitioning between activities. They also tend to hyperfocus when they are busy with something they enjoy and have a hard time with time management. One of the interesting things about the EndeavorRx video game is that it ends once it has been played for a relatively short time, which is not the case with most video games. Setting parameters and limits on the game’s usage in advance is beneficial for the user with ADHD. It also helps facilitate other physical and social activities. 

The EndeavorRx video game for ADHD is enjoyable to use and play. Perhaps the video game as a treatment will catch on for other conditions, and superpowers, as well. For now, it’s great to hear that ADHD-ers get to have some well deserved fun.

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