Israeli Foodtech Startup Makes Higher Protein Chickpea Innovations

InnovoPro boosts the protein in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.


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What’s more popular hummus or falafel? Both of these quintessential Middle Eastern foods are made of chickpeas. Now InnovoProm the foodtech startup, that is based in Rishpon Israel, is using this staple to create a vegan-friendly mega protein.

There are a growing number of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians – people who are cutting down on meat consumption –  so it’s only natural that this innovation comes from the “vegan capital of the world” with 5.2 percent of Israelis’ eating a plant-based diet.

“The world needs new, innovative protein, alternatives to the milk and meat industry that exist today.” Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) founder and chairman Erel Margalit said in a press release.

“InnovoPro’s chickpea protein is a revolutionary product that plays an essential role in the food industry’s response to creating the next wave of plant-based protein replacing protein from animals,” Margalit said.

JVP just raised $15 million in funding for the foodtech startup, according to The Times of Israel, so that production can be boosted and make the chickpea protein available to a larger market.  

While there is a wide range of plant-based products available that are made from soy, corn or legumes, some are highly allergic or genetically modified and that is why, the company, founded in 2013, said they decided to work with chickpeas which naturally contain 20 percent protein.

The startup came up with an innovative way to extract a larger amount of protein from the chickpeas, a whopping 70 percent, to make it a great plant-based protein for vegans or just about anyone.

InnovoPro’s protein powder which is used by food manufacturers to make meat, dairy and egg alternatives is allergy-free, gluten-free, and eco-friendly. Another plus, according to Israel 21 is since chickpeas have a basically neutral flavor, there is no need to add anything to cover it up with artificial flavorings.

The product has launched in the US – the manufacturing is located there – Europe, and Israel and the company will now be able to expand its operations. Israel 21 said that since the company collaborates with its food retailers to create new food products there are new uses like egg-free mayonnaise or dairy-free puddings coming to a store near you soon.

For people who are looking for plant-based alternatives, a larger variety of products is really good news. The fact that it contains 70 percent protein makes anything made from InnovoPro’s protein powder a very healthy and nutritious choice for vegans or just about anyone.

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