It's Amazing What You Can Do with Velcro, an iPad and a Bit of Imagination [VIDEO]

Prepare to be inspired by one of the simplest DIY hacks you will ever see

Aug 17, 2014
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According to filmmaker Jesse Rosten the iPad and Velcro are two of mankind's greatest inventions. So just as any inquisitive, creative soul would do, he decided to combine the two - with some pretty genius results. In this quirky clip simply titled "iPad + Velcro" Jesse finds out what happens when you place strips of the magic black sticky stuff to the back of a sleek tablet and attach it to all sorts of weird and wonderful places. This is a classic example of how an extremely simple DIY trick can transform one object into a whole host of other useful contraptions. Whether it's attaching it to a wall to turn it into a digital photo frame or a car dashboard as a form of GPS navigator, the trusted iPad has never looked so versatile.  

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