Jessica Alba’s Online Store for Babies Is Honestly Good

The Honest Company is committed to selling safe and toxic free products for the home and little ones

Baby bath care.

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Actress Jessica Alba is well-known for her film roles, but she is also has a meaningful side gig as the founding member of the Honest Company. The online store came into fruition when Alba became a mother and saw the need for natural and eco-friendly products for babies.
With co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Alba sells a range of items for little ones and also for the home - from sustainable diapers and organic baby powder to bubble bath and laundry detergent. Shining the spotlight on sustainability and transparency, the items on the site are backed by the Honestly FREE Guarantee with products that are sourced from sustainable and non-toxic materials. In addition to their green commitment, for every product purchased, The Honest Company makes a donation to families in need through a host of partnerships with nonprofits that work on social and health issues.
The core values of the Honest Company are reflected by Alba and the team who are all concerned parents that are focused on creating products that are safe and easy to use for families.

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