Jessica Seinfeld’s Mission to Clothe Babies in Need

Baby Buggy distributes new and gently used baby gear, while also providing social services to struggling families.


baby clothes on a clothes line

Baby Buggy provides new and gently used baby gear to families in need. (Yarkovoy /

Having a child is one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences in a person’s life - and it can also be quite pricey. In the weeks after the birth of her first child, Jessica Seinfeld (wife of funny man Jerry Seinfeld) was astounded by how quickly her daughter grew, and made recently-purchased items obsolete.  Seinfeld considered what it was like for people struggling to make ends meet, and how they cope with the expensive costs that come with having a baby. That is how the nonprofit Baby Buggy was born, collecting and distributing new and gently used clothing and products for infants to families in need.
Baby Buggy is now in its thirteenth year of operation, and like a thriving child, the nonprofit has grown considerably - distributing an impressive 7.8 million baby items to over 100-community based organizations across the United States. What is so distinct about Baby Buggy is that the organization doesn’t just give; it works to improve the situation of struggling families.
Through its incentive-based donations, Baby Buggy in coordination with their partners and sponsors, provide comprehensive social service assistance like job training, financial literacy classes, and parenting support and education – directed to both mothers and fathers.
Baby Buggy goes a step beyond by investing in parents to create a happier and healthy childhood for their young ones. Volunteers can get involved by donating old baby gear,or even organizing their own Baby Buggy drive.

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