Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Some Random Guy [VIDEO]

What do they have in common? [VIDEO]

Dec 23, 2013

How do you make people realize that even small acts of giving ultimately lead to good?
In this UNICEF tongue-in-cheek ad, it's Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa - alongside a random guy - who do the job. 
This video runs much like a joke: Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa are sitting around exchanging their life stories. There is another person at the table, a Swedish average-Joe type of guy, who is asked to share how he came to be in their company. Surrounded by this group of heavy-hitting good-doers, the guy explains that he saw an online banner for UNICEF to save children's lives and clicked on it. Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa are overwhelmed by his act. 
This is part of a series of ads that highlight UNICEF Sweden's holiday campaign, which triggers the audience to do good -yes, even in small(er) way. 

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