Join the Vast Community of Virtual Volunteering

On March 29 you can participate in Good Deeds Day from home.


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Good Deeds Day is the international day of volunteering that is celebrated around the world and is being held on March 29, 2020. If public events have been cancelled or if you are quarantined at home, don’t fret. There are a myriad of ways you can participate in doing good from your home. You can even keep the spirit going and continue to volunteer all year long! Here are just a few great ideas from Good Deeds Day and Goodnet: 

Join Help From Home
This organization whose tagline is Help the World in Just Your Pajamas brings volunteers and small short-term projects together. You can make a macro impact with micro effort even when you are quarantined in your home. 

Do Online Storytelling
If you are an educator or even if you just like kids, you can organize a Facebook event and read to kids online. Nothing is more comforting than story time. A slew of celebrities who are reading for kids through a heartfelt new initiative called Save The Children. 

Sew Masks for front-line Workers
Many communities are experiencing a shortage of face masks to help in the fight against the coronavirus. Check to see which hospital near you is collecting masks before you begin. Here’s a YouTube that teaches you how to sew them. 

Help Man a Mental Health Hotline
In these difficult times local crisis centers are busier than ever. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7 help for people in crisis and you can help by manning the phones, texts, or chats from home.

Send a Virtual Greeting Card
Send a virtual card to elderly neighbors of a who are in quarantine or socially distancing. Or set up a Skype Call or Zoom conference to keep in touch with people who live alone.

Donate Your Skills
Join Catchafire, a platform that pairs professionals with mission driven organizations. The opportunities include a one-hour phone conversation to a three-month commitment. This is a great opportunity to join a community of people who also want to do good.

Raise Funds for a Worthy Cause
Set up an online fundraiser for the Red Cross, the Cancer Society or do crowdfunding for employees of a local restaurant or store that hold to close due to the coronavirus. 

Make Toys for Shelter Dogs
As people have to stay home, animal shelters do not have volunteers to play with the pups. You can make chew toys from home to give to the shelter dogs. Call your local animal shelter or rescue to see where you can donate the toys which are really easy to make. Check out this tutorial.

Become a Virtual New York Volunteer
The organisation launced a virtual volunteer center to help the communities that are most effected by the Coronavirus by coordinating responses with NGOs, and city, county, and state officials. If you live in New York consider signing up.

Create Your Own Virtual Good Deeds Day Project
Start a virtual community of people who want to do good on social media, link to a positive news site like Goodnet, and create a virtual Good Deeds Day project of your own. Here's a blog about what organizations around the globe are doing for Good Deeds Day that you can use for inspiration.

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