Jump into a New Life for the Day and Test Out Your Dreams

Lifetramp: the AirBnB like platform for lifestyles and careers

Apr 23, 2014

Image from Lifetramp's Facebook page

The expression, “to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” is coming to life with Lifetramp, an AirBnB like platform for lifestyles and careers. The site offers individuals an opportunity to pop into the life of someone else for a day to get a taste of what their job entails. Now active in select countries in Europe and the United States, Lifetramp’s beautiful website can have you meeting folks in the fields of arttech and crafts. A detailed profile of each Lifetramp mentor is on full display with in-depth questions about how they arrived to their profession and their day-to-day routine. After browsing through all the fascinating people, users may send a booking request or email to the mentor.  At this point the service doesn’t cost money, but invitees are asked to treat their mentors for lunch. So if you are in the market for testing out your dreams and spending a day in the life someone else, Lifetramp is for you!

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