Kindhearted Strangers Are Leaving Warm Clothes Out in Winter

Volunteers tie hats and scarves to lamp posts with a little note telling anyone in need of warm clothing to take what they need.

Oct 30, 2018

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Mysterious volunteers have been leaving scarves and hats scattered in the cold city of Bristol. The winter gear has been left mostly around the city center for anyone who may need some extra warmth over the season.

Last winter, freezing temperatures plummeted so low that the UK's Met Office issued a “danger to life” warning, and even schools had to close their doors.

The hats and scarves, which are likely part of the Keep Bristol Warm project, have been tied to posts and railings, where people can access them easily.

The items even come with a note that kindly welcomes passersby to take them.

The note reads: "I am not lost. Take this if you’re cold or if you just like it. #KeepBristolwarm"

Many who walked by to see the spectacle were overcome by awe and tweeted the hashtag #KeepBristolwarm.

Some of the volunteers involved in the project have even hand-knit the scarves themselves.

Ellie Cliff, a 20-year old Bristol resident learned to knit so that she could help the homeless in her community.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, Ellie said “It wasn’t until a couple of months ago I realized how much of an impact one scarf would make to a homeless person….If you know how to knit, it is surprisingly inexpensive to make a scarf and if you can spare an hour every night, you’ll have a scarf in no time.”

Other cities in the UK have been adopting this incredible practice, as well, and the “I Am Not Lost” catchphrase has even caught on to cities in the US and Canada.

Kindness if contagious; hopefully this upcoming winter more cities throughout the world will adopt this incredible campaign.

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