Kutoa Brings Philanthropy to the Masses

Have a big impact with small money

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Have you ever felt yourself wanting to donate money to charity and wondering where that contribution actually goes and how much of a difference it will make? Joshua Brake had a similar thought when he came up with Kutoa, a project which funds initiatives that solve social problems and reduce suffering one dollar at a time.

Since it's inception, the site has amassed members in over 112 countries and allows anyone, anywhere to give as little as one dollar as a one-time donation or a monthly subscription-based donation. Each month Kutoa features a different organizational partner, which offers three different initiatives to chose from. Every person who donated even the smallest amount gets one vote and at the end of the month, the entire month’s donations will go to the initiative with the most votes.

Kutoa also recently released a tool to let educators to engage their class with various humanitarian issues and to educate children about society's collective challenges. “It is amazing to see the excitement on their faces when they have done something for someone else,” Brake says. ”Individually and together they have become agents for change, and it inspires their soul to want to do it again and get others involved.”

The project is consistently growing with over 1,000 people having made a donation in December 2016. Ambitious good-doers can invite their friends and families to also make an impact and you can even gift donation subscriptions to others, helping Kutoa reach its dream of one day becoming the largest donor base in the world.

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