Laughter is Infectious, Even on the Way to Work [VIDEO]

One man laughing is all it takes to get these strangers at a tram bus stop in a fit of giggles.

Dec 14, 2014

They say that laughter is infectious, and after watching this social experiment- ad, you will be sure to agree. A group of strangers find themselves waiting for the tram one morning in Amsterdam. Everyone is preoccupied, on their phones, reading a book or just waiting for their ride to arrive.
A bespectacled man changes everyone’s day for the better when he suddenly starts to laugh. What starts off as a simple chuckle develops into full-hearted throaty laughter, so much that his face turns red. At first, the fellow passengers were a bit skeptical, but then smiles start creeping on their faces till, within a matter of 30 seconds, everyone waiting for the tram is in a full fit of giggles. Pay special attention to the change in expression of the seated woman reading a book.  
The video came about as a promotional ad for cosmetics company Rituals Laughing Buddha line and is a viral hit, with over three million laughter-filled views.

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