Learn How to Live in the Present

Enjoy the beauty around you at this moment by living in the present.


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Enjoy your surroundings when you live in the present.

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The secret to a joyful life starts with living in the present. It seems so simple, but when you think about it, that’s all you really have. When you enjoy the present in its fullness, you appreciate all the beauty around you, focus on the people in your life, and let go of worry and regret.

While not always easy, living in the present not only makes you happier but also helps to cope with pain and stress more effectively, suggests Positive Psychology.Keep it simple. With practice, you’ll get better at learning how to live in the present and experience the joy of now. Here are three simple steps of how to live in the present


You can always count on your breath as a way to return to the present moment. In every moment, you are always inhaling or exhaling. Breathing only exists in this present moment, right now. Simply bringing your attention to your breathing pulls you away from thinking of the past or the future. 

Breathing exercises provide a way to focus in this present moment. Yoga Journal suggests you try pranayama, a type of breathing practiced for thousands of years in India. Prana means life force or breath, and ayama translates to extend or draw out. This type of breath control focuses your attention on the present by connecting to each inhale and exhale. 

Ujjayi Pranayama, or ocean breath, is one of the most common types of pranayama, named for the wave-like sound your breath makes as it mindfully passes through your throat. This yogic breathing exercise helps maintain awareness of the present and also relieves tension and increases oxygen flow, according to Chopra. When you find yourself overthinking, refocus on the present with the ocean breath.

Take a deep breath.

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Do Nothing

Yep, you read that right! Living in the present can simply mean a day to slow down and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes you just need to slow down and take a lazy day to experience the joy of the present moment. 

People often get caught up with schedules, appointments, and errands. So put away your to-do list. Take a day and allow it to unfold naturally. Unplug your devices. Spend each moment however you want. Wander outside and go for a walk. See where it leads you. Take in the views around you. Perhaps your lazy day could mean spending time at home, sitting quietly in the garden or soaking in a long bath. Think of your lazy day as a gift, to simply be and give yourself the space and time to sit in the present.

Relax and live in the present.

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Living in the present often involves simply listening. It can mean listening to your body to become aware of how you feel, to know when to rest, when to heal, and when to take better care of yourself. Listening can mean taking a moment to hear the sounds around you, to appreciate the music, the birds, or even the silence. 

Of course, listening doesn’t always mean sitting in solitude. The practice of active listening is a great way to be present with someone you love and to cultivate quality relationships. 

Active listening means focusing on the speaker, to try and understand what they want to say and how they feel. According to Verywell Mind, practicing active listening means that you are fully concentrating on what is being said and give your full attention to the speaker. Avoid interrupting and allow someone to finish speaking. Respond with insightful questions to try to understand their point of view. 

Coworkers actively listening.

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