Learn This Prestigious University’s Secrets to a Happy Life

Study reveals practical wisdom on how to live a good and fulfilling life.



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Who doesn't want to live a happy life? Of course everyone does. Perhaps this is why Harvard University started studying this very topic in 1938, and has gathered important information that can help live happier lives. According to The Jerusalem Post, Harvard has discovered the five main elements that contribute to leading a happy life, which they have outlined in a book called The Good Life

The longest study on happiness
The Good Life, written by Robert Waldnger, MD, and Marc Shulz, PhD is the compilation of the world’s longest scientific study of happiness, Harvard Medicine reports. The study gathered information by interviewing 724 participants, according to CNBC. And, surprising as it may be, the most consistent finding was that it is not money, fame or physical health that keeps people happy. Happiness, they found, is mostly about positive relationships.

The book includes personal stories about the participants as well as interesting data that was gathered throughout the 80 year study. And the main finding was not that people need material abundance in order to be happy. True happiness, Inc reports,  is mostly about one thing only: Good Relationships. 

After the study had been published, Robert Waldinger did a TED talk where he gave practical wisdom on how to build a happy and fulfilling life. Below  are some of the secrets to happiness that he, and the study, revealed.

Practicing Social Fitness
Having an active social life can be more beneficial than you might have thought. CNBC reports that a fulfilling social life requires taking stock of the relationships you have and taking a very honest approach to deciding whether a relationship is beneficial to you or not quite worth investing in it anymore. Because, apparently, being nice to everyone and overextending yourself can sometimes cause more harm than good. 

Once you have decluttered the relationships that are weighing you down, you will have more time and energy to devote to those connections that bring you joy and happiness.

One of the many insights this study revealed, according to Inc, is that in order to develop better relationships, it is important to make time for volunteering. In their research, Waldinger and Schultz found that people who volunteer are able to meet more people, form satisfying relationships with them and also are able to take pride in their acts of kindness.

Happiness is a process
It seems like taking a realistic approach to happiness is important as well. The Jerusalem Post reports that the book emphasizes that happiness is not a destination but a process. The book highlights stories that show the importance of the emotional bonds and support systems that a person has while going through a struggle. Those relationships are a blessing when people can face their difficult times together and, according to The Daily Mail,  make it possible to achieve happiness even during the rough times.

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