Letting True Love Win!

Finally, a dating service for true romantics!

Feb 11, 2020
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Letting True Love Win! | Finally, a dating service for true romantics!

On the cusp of Saint Valentine’s Day, it feels like the perfect time to raise a glass to eternal love! This annual celebration of affection extends to friendship and admiration for family and friends as well as your bae!

But if you’re single and looking for love, will you meet “the one” when Cupid's in the air – the soulmate and best friend you were born to be with? The Hinge app certainly hopes so! This app doesn’t want to be seen as a virtual space for commitment-phobic swiping. It distances itself from casual dating and its notion that there are many more fish in the sea. Instead, it presents itself as a “relationship” app for true romantics. It’s for people looking to be part of nothing less than an enduring story!

Hinge is so confident of its purpose that it has built a message around the idea of highlighting a future point in your new relationship. A point when you and your other half no longer need the app at all.

This starry-eyed conviction is cutely expressed through its online shop for new couples.  Visitors will find this stocked with “Delete Day” merchandise celebrating when couples reach the stage in their relationship that they can delete the app. 

Much of what is on offer centers around the app’s fluffy mascot, “Hingie”, the star of the app’s “Designed to be Deleted campaign”.

Underlying all the fun, is today’s reality that in the US and globally too, with so many people meeting their paramours online, finding the confidence to delete your dating app represents a significant milestone. 

Those looking to find long-lasting love on dating apps are advised to strongly consider deleting their dating apps when things are working out with their match and they feel they’ve found someone they can communicate with and build a relationship with. This is something the couple can discuss together, giving their relationship a solid opportunity to move into long-term territory.

In 2020, online dating is a viable, mainstream way of networking to meet people, whether you live in a big city or isolated neighborhood. Many busy, successful and sociable people are happy to share that they found love online. And this isn’t a generation-specific trend. It happens whether they are a millennial or a baby boomer and beyond. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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