Levi’s is Now Making Jeans from Old Carpet and Fishing Nets

The acclaimed brand is stepping up its sustainability game.


(mongione / Shutterstock.com)

When you think of Levi Jeans, you might think of comfort, class, or even cowboy boots. Old carpets? Probably not. Yet that’s the direction the iconic denim brand is going now that it has partnered with Italian nylon manufacturer, Aquafil.

Aquafil uses waste materials, including discarded fishing nets and old carpets, to make econyl, a 100 percent regenerated nylon. With an estimated 640,000 tons of fishing nets adrift in the ocean, posing an ongoing threat to marine life, Levi’s is doing its part for the environment.

The new partnership also proves that Levi’s has its eye on the future. Cotton, which is the main ingredient for denim, might not be around forever as the available land for growing the material can’t keep up with the demand. In other words, Levi’s knows if it wants to stay in business, it has to stay sustainable.

Econyl is currently being incorporated into Levi’s 522 men’s jeans, available online, and while the company has not said if it intends to expand the use of econyl into other jeans, Aquafil’s Chairman and CEO, Giulio Bonazzi has high hopes for this new partnership. As he stated in a recent press release, “We envision a world where everyday items don’t have to come at the expense of the environment. This new partnership is further proof that sustainable materials can be used to reinvigorate products that have been traditionally made. Levi’s is redefining the denim industry.”

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