Looking to Volunteer Abroad? This Website Makes It Easy

Volunteer World is all about bringing simplicity and transparency to the volunteer abroad industry.


Felix Rädel

(Loveischiangrai / Shutterstock.com)

If you’re looking to volunteer abroad, all it takes is a quick online search to learn that the options are nearly endless. There are hundreds of organizations, thousands of projects, and countless companies all offering a chance to explore the world and help others. The search is often as exhaustive as it is confusing, turning what should be an exciting project into a daunting task.

Felix Rädel understood this convoluted process firsthand. While searching for volunteer opportunities to Namibia, he found himself overwhelmed by the flood of information and disheartened by the lack of transparency. Not one to turn down a challenge and certain there had to be a better way, Rädel and his friends Pascal Christiaens and Christian Wenzel founded Volunteer World - a website that provides highly motivated and qualified volunteers with an easy, safe and transparent way to volunteer abroad.

Featuring over 500 volunteer programs and over 600 social projects in more than 70 countries, Volunteer World is a one-stop resource for volunteer abroad opportunities. And – it’s super simple. The homepage allows users to filter their search by location and volunteer category, so a search could be as specific as IT training in Botswana, or as broad as community projects in Asia. The search results are equally clear, while still incredibly informative. Specific project pages tell you everything from what the nearest airport is, to what level of English is required, to what past volunteers said about the project. Better yet, Volunteer World allows users to apply and pay for volunteer projects directly on the site.

With this format, Volunteer World hopes to introduce its three values of transparency, fairness and worldwide access to the volunteering world – and for all the right reasons. This revolutionary website hopes to both create price and quality transparency in a complex market, as well as enable more people to have a life changing volunteer experience.

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