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A growing body of research attests to the benefits and importance of the slowly declining tradition of the nightly family dinner - from everlasting emotional and physical health to stronger family relationships.
But, it's one website that washes over the family dinner tradition with… love.
Dinner: A Love Story, is Jenny Rosenstrach's ode to home cooking and family meals, and it aims to turn the home cooked family feast from a complex chore into a feasible and pleasurable feat for all parents - even for full-time working parents of three struggling to keep their heads above water and feed their kids healthy, nourishing meals.
DALS is chock full of delicious recipes - always packaged in compassionate accounts from the Rosenstrach's family's life. Rosenstrach, a magazine writer, penns all entries with heartfelt emotion and a down-to-earth approach - such as this first bite, an entry titled 100 Rules of Dinner.
The website started as a diary - where Rosenstrach recorded every single dinner she had since 1998 - that later turned into a blog and then into a more comprehensive website. To top it all off, the site served as inspiration for a book by the same name - part memoir part recipe book.
Dinner: A Love Story is an inspiration for all parents to head back to the kitchen and put their creative minds to the task of feeding their families. With love. [Source: Dinner: A Love Story]

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