Love Thy Neighbor

Krrb melds online accessibility with offline camaraderie


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8,739 people have already joined Krrb, an online platform for selling, buying and meeting people from your community. Fuled by a neighborly ambition, Krrb facilitates contact between sellers and buyers in Craigslist style, though the website doesn't field sale transactions (like Etsy does), thus keeping true to their mission: to enable face-to-face interaction with your neighbors.
What we especially like about Krrb is their zeal and motivation to hone true community feel, not only via trading, but also with Meetups - local get-togethers for selling, buying or just getting to know other people from your area. True neighborly vibes also come in handfuls in the Krrb blog - a treasure trove of posts about off-the-beaten-track stores and initiatives with a flea-market look and feel. [Source:]

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