Luxembourg Is Officially Going to Start Offering Free Mass Transit

Yet another European city is offering responsible and sustainable public transportation.


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There are many reasons to start using public transportation in 2019, and Luxembourg just added a bold new reason to that list. Starting in 2020, Luxembourg will become the first country in the world to offer free public transportation to commuters!

Last month, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was sworn in for a second term and created a coalition with Luxembourg’s labor party and green party. As part of their platform, they agreed to make environmental issues a priority, including free public transportation.

Luxembourg has the highest number of cars per capita as compared to the rest of the European Union, making Luxembourg City one of the most congested cities in the world.

Although Luxembourg is a tiny country- with only 560,000 residents- approximately 180,000 workers commute daily from neighboring countries such as France, Germany, and Belgium. Luxembourg boasts a 40% higher average salary than France, making it an attractive job market.

Luxembourg has already set the stage to be a public transportation haven. Earlier this year, the government made shuttles and other free transport options available to children and youth under the age of 20; university students already travel for free, and many discounts are available to others.

While no other country has instituted free mass transport nation-wide, some cities in Europe have begun to offer commuters ticket-free transportation. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has been offering free public transportation since 2013, and Germany recently decided to test the option of free mass transit in some of its most crowded cities. Other cities offer free transit to certain populations, such as retirees and unemployed and at certain times of the day.

Public transportation is an essential part of building happy, healthy, and sustainable cities. Mass transit reduces congestion, transport time, and pollution, and also enables poor and marginalized communities to commute comfortably and affordably. Luxembourg’s new law is an incredible feat in the reviving movement towards accessible public transportation.

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