Lyft Is Helping Their Drivers Earn a College Degree

A ride away from a cheaper tuition


(Roman Tiraspolsky /

For many drivers, receiving an education just became more accessible and less expensive. Ride sharing company, Lyft created developed a new education initiative that will help save their drivers money while allowing them to earn a degree.

And this generous move is seemingly on par with many companies that are making a huge effort to keep their employees on board, through
initiatives or perks.

To make tuition less expensive for their drivers, Lyft partnered with Guild Education, a startup founded by females that helps companies provide a college education and tuition reimbursement to its employees. Under the partnership, Lyft’s drivers would be able to pay lower tuition at any of the institutions in Guild’s network to earn their GED, or through online college degrees.

Many drivers use Lyft to help further their career goals, and now the ride-sharing company has shown that they want to support and help them on their journey.

With 47% of their drivers who do not have a college degree, Lyft is hoping their partnership will help them take a step in reaching their goals, whatever they may be.

“We know that many Lyft drivers are working to achieve personal or professional goals, which often include continued education and learning,” Lyft co-founder and president, John Zimmer, said when discussing the new initiative.

“We’re happy to offer this resource to help drivers succeed both on and off the platform."

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