The Magic Genie Social Network that Grants Wishes

Online community Impossible shows that when people share what they have, anything is possible

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Wouldn't it be great if all your wishes came true? With altruistic giving website Impossible, people in your community can help make this a reality - for free. The social network lets people either post about things they need help with, such as learning a language or alternatively about what they have to offer, such as music skills. These wishes and offers are displayed on the website or app where good doers can connect, follow other users and search for trending topics in order to fulfill one another's wishes. There's even an option to create thank you posts for that special moment when a wish is fulfilled.
Supermodel Lily Cole is behind the initiative that aims to reinvest any profits from the site into building a more collaborative economy that empowers individuals. Impossible runs on a completely open source platform and encourages users to contribute and even help monitor the site so that only good is being done.
Next time you make a wish, thanks to the help of strangers, know that anything is possible.

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