A Magical Plant Turned into a Healthy Snack

Kuli Kuli: a tasty social enterprise


Healthy Food
Just harvested moringa oleifera .

(moringa oleifera / Shutterstock.com) 

When Lisa Curtis was a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, she came across a plant that practically saved her life. Curtis was in the first stages of malnutrition when someone gave her leaves from the moringa oleifera tree and she instantly felt better. Widely unknown in the West, moringa contains extremely high levels of protein, calcium, iron and Vitamin A and C and is considered an up-and-coming superfood. The miracle plant got Curtis thinking about how to introduce others to the benefits of moringa, while supporting local women from Niger at the same time.  
Her answer is Kuli Kuli - a vegan, gluten free nutrition bar made with the protein rich food, sourced by West African women’s cooperatives.
The social enterprise most recently received funding on Indiegogo to start their first major manufacturing run, and is now ready to reveal the wonders of the Kuli Kuli bar to the rest of the world.

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