Maia is a 7-Year-Old Artist Making the World a Better Place

Kids helping other kids is the epitome of doing good.

Maia's artwork is all heart

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Teaching little ones to have empathy, and selflessly help those in need is what makes the world a better place to live. Maia Bastianelli is a seven-year-old artist doing just that.

Inspired by her grandmother, who has volunteered her time at an organization called DayStar for many years, Maia decided to also help with her own skillset. She took to her paintbrush (something she has been doing since she was just two years old) and created several art pieces that were then printed onto notecards and are now sold online and in shops. All of the proceeds aid the children of DayStar, which is a pediatric center in New York for babies and young children with special healthcare needs. The organization and Maia's contribution go to help each of the children's individual developmental and psychosocial needs and to support their families as well.

Maia's serene watercolor and acrylic landscapes are truly a talent beyond her years and the heart behind them is equally inspiring.

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