Make WFH Work For You!

5 hacks to drive productivity and other benefits when in a remote office.

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Our 2024 post-pandemic work landscape seems to have welcomed working from home (WFH) into the mainstream, as discussed on Snappa. WFH is appreciated for its flexibility, and the efficiency it can provide. And this is hugely important for multiple demographic groups including parents, the infirm, pet parents, folks who live far from work, and workers who need the peace of fewer distractions to focus.

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And yet, despite the considerable WFH experience of many, some of us can’t quite get into the groove of working out of a home office optimally, in terms of work performance and wellbeing. A summer 2023 study from Stanford University, for instance, indicates that despite it being here to stay, remote work leads to a drop in productivity. Here are 5 hacks to help you blend work project goals with wellness concerns so you can boost the successful accomplishment of work goals, and enjoy the many benefits of flexibility that WFM can offer.

Plan a workday schedule you can follow but still be flexible with

Just like at the start of an exam, it is worth taking a few minutes at the start of each day to review your goals and priorities. It can also be helpful to sync your plan with colleagues 

A to-do list is important, but a workday plan isn’t enough. Most professional home workers know that they may need to update their deadlines due to some inevitable time lags unique to WFH that are less of a problem in an office, as tech-focused publication Lifewire emphasizes. 

The Half Half Home blog suggests, efficient WFH folks make a point of touching base with colleagues regularly, even to share greetings and water cooler-style updates to cultivate more authentic working relationships.

Add fairy dust to the WFH day with rituals

Sources such as The Creative Life blog advocate embedding rituals into the WFH day to sprinkle some fairy dust on routine, making the mundane more magical. 

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A morning ritual could be repeating an affirmation, or putting on a particular playlist while tidying the workspace, and wiping down the desk with some revitalizing grapefruit oil, followed by some quick stretches before opening the computer and focusing on the day’s priorities.

Take needed breaks, but keep an eye on the time

As Real Business reminds you, breaks boost productivity as they give your brains the chance to rest and recharge and so become more ready to handle work challenges. Beneficial and productive break activities to help us keep mental fatigue at arm’s length like creative writing, breathing exercises or mindful meditation, and some socialization with others can boost work achievement too. Just don’t let them eat too much into work time.

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As Livewire reminds people, it is vital to guard the WFH schedule from distractions such as household chores, the sun in the backyard, and television. Those struggling with such disruptions can try downloading a time management app. Well-reviewed app Forest, for instance,  helps users stay productive through gamification. Focus on work is rewarded with a growing tree visual!

Create an inviting, distraction-free workspace within the home

Work and life blogs such as Lifewire and Real Business all encourage productivity strategies for WFH workers that focus on organization, tidiness, and having a dedicated, quiet room or corner for work to maintain work-life balance.

With its tech for humans emphasis, Lifewire suggests life-changing additions such as an extra monitor and faster internet speed.

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And make the home office a happy space. A few houseplants and a picture capturing precious moments on a desk can help foster relaxation and happiness where you’ll spend a lot of time working. The soothing presence of a beloved pet can provide the backdrop for a productive day too!  

Build boundaries to safeguard work-life balance

Working in an office location can make it easier to appreciate the difference between work and leisure time; just entering and leaving the physical work environment signifies that. But WFH means it is also easy to immerse yourself in work anytime, and so blur the boundaries between your professional and personal life. 

Proven boundary-setting strategies outlined by Real Business take in setting expectations for yourself and the people who occupy the same space you do. This takes in creating boundaries for your family and letting your broader circle of relatives and friends know when you’re working. 

Snappa recommends taking breaks in a “neutral” part of the home where family members or roommates feel comfortable chatting about non-urgent matters. The Creative Life writer plays an upbeat playlist at the end of her work day which also signals to her family that “it’s okay to come in now.”

Be mindful about making space for “me time” when you can enjoy activities like a yoga class or reading, to help you stay focused and productive when working.