Making a Difference Block by Block

Uplifting children’s spirits and wellbeing one colorful block at a time.



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Russell Cassevah, a dedicated father and passionate Lego enthusiast, has found the perfect formula for spreading joy, one little block at a time. According to Fox News, Cassevah embarked on a nationwide mission to bring joy to children in hospitals. His non-profit organization, Little Bricks Charity, brings sets of LEGO, and smiles, to children’s hospitals. Through his organization, Cassevah has not only found his passion but also his purpose in life.

Love and LEGO
Cassevah has always loved LEGO, reports The Washington Post. Since he was four years old, he has been obsessed with the Danish building bricks. And as an adult, he clearly continues to love the little colorful bricks. He has even broken Guinness World Records multiple times by walking barefoot on LEGO! Is that dedication or what?

After breaking his amazing world records, he decided to use his love for LEGO to give back. He recently took a leap of faith and made the decision to leave his day job, liquidate his retirement savings and invest everything he has into creating a nonprofit where he combines his passion for LEGO and his charitable mission. His goal is to travel throughout the country delivering LEGO sets to children’s hospitals and uplifting the children and the mental wellbeing of young patients in their vulnerable state and greatest time of need. 

Charity through social media
The non-profit foundation, Little Bricks Charity, recently donated approximately 250 LEGO sets to young patients at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, reported Fox News. Most of the funding, about 80 percent of it, comes from their loyal Tik Tok community, as the charity has been using the platform to promote their work and has gained a loyal following. They currently have more than a million followers and have delivered 170 thousand dollars worth of LEGO sets thanks to the social media platform, reports Fox News.

Through Cassevah’s efforts, he has provided smiles and joy to so many children facing challenging circumstances. With each LEGO set he delivers, he aims to spark creativity, imagination and play that can hopefully still be part of the young patients’ lives and minds. As he continues his noble quest, he remains an inspiration to his followers by exemplifying compassion and reminding the world that a little brick and a little love can truly make a big difference.

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