Making the World a Better Place With Pizza and Post-its

The Philadelphia pizza parlor that’s feeding the homeless.

Post-it notes helping the homeless

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What do pizza and post-it notes have to do with helping others? The answer to that enigmatic question lays with Mason Wartman, the owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia. As well as selling a very tasty slice, this good doing pizzeria allows customers to “pay it forward,” by donating pizza to people in need when they buy their own.
It all started when a customer asked to “pay it forward,” inspired by a global wave of acts of kindness in recent years. Wartman grabbed a post-it note, wrote up a makeshift pizza voucher and stuck it on the wall for someone to cash in for a warm meal. And the rest is history. One slice turned into hundreds, which turned into thousands - and now kind supporters can even donate pizza online.
Wartman and his good doing pizzeria have taken the attention of press around the US; the interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show gave a lovely tour of his tasty establishment, giving patrons and happy benefactors. In the past year or so, Rosa’s has given away over 8,000 slices of pizza, feeding some 40 homeless people daily. For many, that’s the only thing they eat all day. And as one satisfied pizza beneficiary said in the interview, “that’s a big deal.” 

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