A Match Made in Heaven: Connecting Volunteers with Cancer Charities

Fcancer proves there's more than one way to give


Cancer ribbons

(Jo Panuwat D / Shutterstock.com)

When we think of giving to cancer charities, money is probably the first thing that springs to mind. Financial donations are obviously important but what about donating time and love? That's where Fcancer comes in.
The ingenious platform acts as a matchmaker between nearly 1,000 conscientious volunteers and 40 cancer charities that are sometimes in need of an extra pair of hands. Volunteers from all over the world pledge how many hours they can give, while charities highlight upcoming projects that need a little extra manpower, whether it be help at a fundraising event or a graphic design assignment. The result is a dynamic forum for people who want to give their time to great causes while saving cancer charities valuable money.
Fcancer was born when a group of good friends - all of whom have one parent affected by cancer - got together and realized that while young people may not have much money to give, they have a whole load of energy and various skills. This just goes to show that there are plenty of different ways to give, and most of them don't involve money!

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